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প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী বন্ধুরা, তোমাদের সাথে ইংরেজী প্রথম পত্রের Rearrange নিয়ে আলোচন করছি।

Rearrange Rearrange অথবা ক্রমানুসারে পুনরায় সাজানো। প্রশ্নে একটি নির্দিষ্ট বিষয়ে ১০ টি বাক্য এলোমেলোভাবে দেয়া থাকবে। প্রদত্ত বাক্যগুলো Sequence of fact বা ঘটনার ক্রমানুসারে সাজাতে হবে।

3. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order.

(a) During that time he could not look after his animals himself.

(b) So he engaged a servant to do the job.

(c) The farmer’s young son Ali often helped the servant.

(d) As a result he could not do any harm to Ali.

(e) He loved them so much that he himself took care of them properly.

(f) Once the farmer had been sick for several months.

(g) So, for the safety of the young man, the bull was always kept on a chain.

(h) The bull had been so annoyed that whenever he saw Ali he bellowed and tore up the earth with his horns most dreadfully.

(i) The bull, which was wild by nature, did not like Ali because he had annoyed the bull on some occasions.

(j) An old farmer was very happy with his animals.


4. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order.

a. He completed his secondary education from a high school in Aarau.

b. For the next couple of years, he taught mathematics and physics in a secondary school.

c. He obtained PhD degree from the University of Zurich.

d. In 1922, Einstein received Noble Prize in Physics.

e. Albert Einstein was born in Germany in 1879.

f. He got admitted in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1896.

g. His Father was a Businessman.

h. He received a regular appointment at the University of Zurich.

i. When the Business failed, the family moved to Milan.

j. He graduated in 1900.

Answer :e+g+i+a+f+j+c+h+b+d
5. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order.

a. About one hundred and fifty years ago there lived in France one of the greatest soldiers called Napoleon.

b. He rose quickly to a high position in the army by his good work and courage.

c. He worked hard and made them work hard.

d. When he was young, he entered the French army as an ordinary soldier.

e. He grew very powerful and soon become the greatest man in the country.

f. He chose the officers who worked with him very carefully.

g. He loved his men and paid them well.

h. He fought several wars with neighboring countries and won victories over them.

i. He was strict to them when there was a need to be so, but he was kind to them when there was no need to be strict.

j. France under him was very powerful.

Answer : a+d+b+e+h+j+f+c+i+g

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