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How Far the Nationalization of Secondary Education?

 Mohammad Shahzaman

In the education system of the country 97% of the number is private teachers and the number of government teachers is only 03%. There is discrimination in public and private wages, Promotion of private teachers, no transfer system. There are no divisional allowances. There is no monthly pension & Baishakhi allowance. 03% of the teachers have the same facilities, but 97% of the teachers do not have the benefits, but both of them are involved in the same education system in the same country. In order to overcome this discrimination, 5 teachers’ alliance unions of the National Institutes of Education have been sitting under the open sky in the open in front of the National Press Club on Wednesday (January 10th), on the banner of the LIAJO Forum, on a one-point demand for nationalization. National Education Liaison Forum Adviser Rafiqul Islam said, the demand for nationalization should be accepted immediately by the government, we came for the right claim. This will increase the quality of education; parents can educate their children at a low cost. He also said that in the past, we have given a memorandum to the Prime Minister, gave a memorandum to the district DC, strike. Government will benefit if gradually nationalization of educational institutions. We hope the government will accept our demands quickly. Teacher’s organizations are now demanding nationalization for the time being. Nationalization of secondary education is now the demand for teachers’ education. That’s why they spend their money in the press club. The people who came here are willingly come here.
Thousands of teachers from all over the country joined the hunger strike to implement the nationalization demand. It is known that teachers are coming from all over the country to join the movement until the demand is made and the number of teachers is increasing every day. Five teachers have been admitted to the medical centre and 70 MPO-affiliated private teachers became sick due to the cold winter night. There is no better sanitation system around the press club. The teachers said that demand is a demand for our lives, that all schools, madrasas, colleges must be nationalized. Until the nationalization of these institutions, the hunger strike will continue.

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