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SAU The Centre Of Excellence In Agriculture

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In 1919  According to the proposal of Royal  Agricultural commission then Prime minister of Bengal renowned as Bengal Tiger Sher e Bangla AK Fajrul Haque founded The Bengal Agricultural Institution in 1938 at 11 December near Tejgaon of Dhaka in front of Krishi Gobesona Bhovon around 300 Acre land. In Pakistan regime it’s name was East Pakistan Agricultural Institute. It was included into the Dhaka University Agricultural faculty after it inauguration at 1938. After the establishment of Bangladesh Agricultural University in 1961, it’s academic activities was shifted to BAU at 1964. In 1971 it’s name was changed and kept Bangladesh Agricultural Institution. In 2001 of 15 th July then prime minister Sheikh Hasina founded Sher E Bangla Agricultural University. Though frequent changing the name, graduate of this university provided pioneering role for developing Agricultural Sector. The university was formed as the Center of Excellent due to the it’s modern educational technique, higher and competent agricultural research. At present 3600 students are studies in 36 department of 5 faculty. Currently Professor Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed is the running Vice chancellor of SAU


Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Agri-Business Management, Animal Science and  Veterinary Medicine, Fisheries and Aquaculture

Library: On the west site of academic building the SAU library is situated. About 30,000 Scientific books, journal, huge amount of E-book, history of Bangladesh liberation war, renowned writer’s book are present here.

Research and Outstanding Achievement:

The collaboration of teacher, researcher and student  SAU Central Research System (SAURS) was formed, where many modern Agricultural techniques was invented. Researches of SAU invented SAU Sarisha-1, SAU Sarisha-2, SAU Sarisha-3, Potato and Onion seed, Jamarusan Radish which can be produce in native atmosphere. 8-10 variety of rice waiting for release, which was invented by a bright teacher of this university. Professor Dr. Md. Sahidur Rashid Bhuiyah invented high yielding variety of Mustard . Some teacher conducted research on Onion, Various fruit, flower, Basmati rice, Radish. The initiative of Dr. Ekramul Haque and financial support of university fund, modern Tissue Culture Lab was established. Another meritorious teacher Dr. AFM Jamal Uddin work on flower. He is the premier of blooming Lasenthirus Tree flower in our country. He conducted research of various Rose of Red, Pink, Purple, Black and Green color variety. Red Baby, Sweet Love, Pink Smile, Charming Lady, Mini- Moni, Lemon Star, Dream Bangla, Pain Blue, Bijoy-71, SAU- King are the invented variety. He observed to decrease of Arsenic on crop with Jahangir Nagar University Research Centre. Germ-plasm Centre has been founded at Horticulture Farm. Various type of Native and Foreign flower, fruit, Orchid and Spices are collecting for Germ plasm center. The SAU Horticultural Farm will be formed harbor of Foreign and rare type Nursery Crop. SAU Agricultural Extension Department transferring the modern Agricultural technology to the hand of farmer. They have been conducted training on rearing of Duck-Poultry and Modern cultivation of Rice for distant areas farmer of Sirajgonj collaboration with Local NGO. Thereafter they have been conducted training to the farmer of Manikgonj Geor, Sibatoy, Saturia, Doulotpur Upazila. They have been transferred  the Amon Plant and Vegetable Seed to the 2004 and 2009 Flood affected people. ASM Kamal Uddin Ahmed former student of SAU has been  transferred the process of Amitto Banana cultivation all over the country. He invented Modern technology of Papaya and Pine-apple cultivation. Dr Nur Mohammad Ali and Dr Siddique ali former student of SAU invented High Yielding Variety of Rice, like BR-3, BR-4, BR-10, BR-11, BR-14, BR-19, which was recognized not only Bangladesh but also Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, South Africa. The father of Kazi Payara, Kazi M Bodruddoza was former student of SAU. Dr SM Zaman former student of SAU awarded Scientific Emirates of Bangladesh Government. Many former student were rewarded President Award, Independent Award, Sher E Bangla award for their outstanding achievement. SAU has been conducted research on Guava and Banana Breeding, Fungus and Vermes Disease, the improved variety of Betel leaf, Bean type Crop, Pulse Crop, Wheat Variety, Rice Variety etc.

Research Organization: SAU- Research System (SAURS), Wazed Mia Research Centre. Mini weather station present in the Agricultural field of SAU to forecasting weather data for proper research.

Cultural Organization: SAU Language Club, Swapnoshiri, krishan Theatre, SAU Debating Club, Computer’s Club, SAU Photographic Society, Badhon, Bangladesh Study Forum, YES Club, Bandhu-sova, Manob-konto, Suvo-songho

Digitalization: The first digital university of Bangladesh is SAU. Every classroom has facilities to utilize centrally organized Multimedia. Country’s only virtual classroom situated at SAU, where student can be connected world wide classroom. Many project including, SAURS, BARC, FAO, HEQEP are going on. Krishi-thesis and largest digital archieve was built by the leadership of SAU with other Agricultural University.

Ist Convocation: In 2015 at 15th November SAU held its first convocation, where 22 got gold medal, 2110 Graduation completed student and 3 PHD holder got their certificate.

Sher E Bangla Agriculture University is the pioneer of the field of Agriculture. Its motto is Learn to feed the nation. Still now few constrained hampered its excellency. Only 86.95 acre of land hold by the SAU, which is too much little for a Agricultural University. Lacking of scientific material hamper the research. Meritorious student can not join as varsity teacher because of corruption in case of enrollment of teacher. Scarcity of Accommodation in the Hall make difficult the life of student. But It may be keep leading position in the field of Agriculture.