The right and the way of truth

My Volunteering Story

My name is Monira Akter Laboni, currently studying B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering at Daffodil International University. As a student ambassador of DIU, I along with a team of 18 members have recently participated in the International Volunteer Exchange Program in India, jointly organized by KIIT University & Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) in Odisha, from 09 Oct 2017 to 16 Oct 2017.

Together with my team I have participated in different services to unleash our volunteerism by empowering the students of KISS through education, vocational training, and workshops. On the very first day, we visited the whole premises of KIIT University & Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences. While visiting the area of KISS, we had been acknowledged by the tremendous management systems of KISS for providing the fundamental rights of a human being by giving foods, clothes ,accommodation, vocational training, medical treatments and sports with free of cost. We got to know that the motto of KISS is the ‘Art of Giving’ which means a humanitarian and philanthropic concept of simple living and high thinking .

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